Need to get a handle on your work flow?

UNIMAC INTERACTIVE'S products  are affordable and scalable.  Most importantly, they’re designed to give you maximum control over your communications and digital assets.

Maintaining order in the digital world can seem daunting - but with Unimac Interactive you're in control. 



Need a web store to distribute your marketing messages? 
browser-based application manages the production, procurement, and distribution of corporate marketing communications.

This product allows for the creation of on-demand brochures, sell sheets, stationery, and a myriad of other printed materials.  Website users log on to a secure website that can be branded and customized to your specific business requirements. Users choose from inventoried products or pre-built templates.  Customizing copy is as easy as inputting custom copy into a pre-built form  and submitting for printing—it’s that easy. Additionally, sophisticated user reports allow for effective marketing analysis.


Need to keep track of image, sound, video or other digital files?
Our digital asset management solution enables you to organize and archive your digital assets securely and easily. Centrally maintain virtually any manner of digital file, from text to images to audio and visual formats, which can be searched and retrieved through a powerful, intuitive search engine.  Our solution can be quickly deployed without costly hardware investments and customized to your unique  work flow.


Need to create manage a web site (without knowing programming) ?
With UNIMAC INTERACTIVE’s content management system  you can create and maintain a web-site quickly and easily - without programming knowledge or use of code. Utilizing our ready-made work flow structure, you can keep your site’s content fresh and current while preserving a branded look and feel. We’ll build the site architecture to your specifications and provide all the guidance you need to take command of your online presence.