About Us

UNIMAC INTERACTIVE is an Internet communications company that specializes in targeted, concise Internet and Print Technologies. 
Our goal is to help our clients choose and apply the right technologies to improve their communication efficiencies thereby helping them fully achieve their marketing goals and objectives.
Our staff consists of individuals fluent in Internet, SMS, Print and Programming technologies.  We’ve worked with all sizes of companies from global corporations to boutique design shops.

Our solutions are built using scalable, reliable industry standard and custom software applications to provide specific and complete services that include:

  • Personalized URLS (PURLS)
  • 1-1 Direct Mail Campaigns
  • Online Proofing and Project Management
  • On-Line Distribution Services and Fulfillment
  • Data Asset Management
  • Web2Print Solutions
  • Variable Data, Digital Printing
  • Email Marketing
  • Data Analytics
  • Websites, Content Management Applications
  • E-Commerce and Web Stores